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Does this sound familiar?

You ask your child to complete a simple chore, but somehow it never gets done, so you nag, then threaten, but the chore never gets done. Finally, you just do it yourself to avoid the argument yet again.

You find yourself avoiding certain friends and family members because you feel that they judge you and your child harshly.

You love your child, but all the arguing and fighting is beginning to affect your relationship.

You feel like you just want to run away sometimes, but of course you never do, and the problems would still be there unresolved when you got back.

You are embarrassed because of all the phone calls you get from your child's teacher or even the principal. You feel they don't understand your child, but you are not able to communicate with them as effectively as you want to.

Homework is a battle every night. You feel exhausted trying to figure out a way to motivate your child or make it easier.

Your child complains about being bored all the time, then manages to find some kind of trouble to get into.

Our approach works for:

Parents who are seeking to calm the chaos in their homes

Yes, really our approach DOES work for Dads too! I have worked with many dads and find that our work together is that much more effective with a bigger team!

Parents with children struggling with:

  • A Major transition like divorce, a death in the family, new school or other stressor
  • Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD/ADD)
  • Autism Spectrum Disorder (Autism, Asperger's, PDD NOS, etc.)
  • Any type of emotional or physical health difficulty

You will love my approach if:

You are ready to try some new ideas or re-examine some old ones.

You can find the humor in life's many surprises

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And, you may be wondering if my approach will really be able to help your family?
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