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Other Helpful Sites

Social Whiz Kids This sister website has all the information about programs for children including Social Skills Groups and Day Camps.

ADHD Parent Support Group A free group facilitated by Karen DeBolt that meets in Beaverton on the second Thursday of the month. Check out the website for all the details and sign up for the newsletter and reminder list.

Free Behavior Charts Created by a former elementary school teacher, this site has some cute as well as creative behavior charts to use when you want to incentivize that good behavior. Check them out. National organization for children and adults with ADHD. Tons of resources and best of all a listing of Parent Support Groups all over the US.

SPD Parent Share A wealth of information regarding Sensory Processing Disorder including parent support groups both online and in real life. is the most complete guide to information about Self Improvement, Personal Growth and Self Help on the Internet. It is designed to be an organized directory, with articles and references to thousands of other Web Sites on the World Wide Web.


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