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Calm the Chaos Parent Coaching

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When Chaos at home is wearing you out

You feel overwhelmed by the problems going on in your family. The arguing and fighting is completely exhausting you. You dread getting yet another call from school. You worry that your child’s self esteem will be damaged by being in trouble all the time. Worst of all, you are starting to doubt your own abilities as a parent.

You want to have a happy, peaceful home, but nothing seems to make lasting changes. You’ve read parenting books, you’ve talked to your pediatrician, and you’ve talked to friends and family, yet nothing seems to permanently shift the problem. Things get better for a while, then you notice the old patterns start re-appearing again.

You have a unique family with unique needs, and it is hard to translate those needs into a set formula from a book. Your doctor is an expert in matters of health and nutrition for the body, but how much can you learn about parenting skills in a 15 minute doctor’s appointment? You want someone who understands what you are going through and will help without judging you.

There is help.

“Karen doesn’t just ‘deal’ with ADHD. She really gets it, and that made a big difference in our decision to work with her.” K. mom of 5 year old

Calm the Chaos Parent Coaching offers a way to be able to talk about your unique family situation with someone who has been there with her own family. With empathy and compassion, you can learn parenting techniques in a program custom tailored for your situation and your learning styles.

You can enjoy parenting your child.

Empowering Parents

I have discovered that while I can help children through play therapy techniques, the results are very slow when you only see a client once a week. On the other hand, by empowering parents, I can make a huge difference in the lives of the families I work with.

You didn't cause the problems, but you can be a big part of the solution. After all, you are with your child everyday during those crucial learning moments. By arming yourself with effective parenting tools, you can make a huge difference for your whole family.

Most professionals have to take continuing education classes to keep up with the latest. Yet good parenting is supposed to be something we are born with and know how to do perfectly without instruction. It’s a crazy idea that seems to be built into our culture. Calm the Chaos Parent coaching offers you a way to continue improving your skills that will benefit your entire family.

Support even between sessions

I encourage parents to contact me between sessions via telephone or email especially during a particularly challenging situation. It can be an extremely effective way to apply new skills in the heat of the moment. There is no greater teacher than a real life crisis and some of my client’s biggest breakthroughs have come in the midst of a challenging situation.

“I was at the end of my rope with my daughter. I was so happy when Karen answered the phone when I called for help. She talked to me and to my daughter, then we figured out what to do next. Things have been better between my daughter and me ever since.” L. mom of 13 year old.

Two ways to get Coaching

Calm the Chaos Parent Coaching is one on one--one family with one Parent Coach. There are two ways to get Calm the Chaos Parent Coaching: in person or on the telephone. In person sessions take place in my comfortable home office in Hillsboro, Oregon. I’m easy to find and close to the freeway.

Telephone sessions take place using a conference line so all family members can be involved even if they are not in the same house. These sessions can be recorded so that you can review them later if desired.

Payment can be made via check or credit card. You may sign up for four sessions or the full eight sessions. If you are not sure which is best for your family, just contact me and let's talk it over.

Calm the Chaos Parent Coaching covers these topics:

  • Building your child’s self esteem while improving behavior
  • Avoiding power struggles and melt downs
  • Improving relationships between family members
  • Stress and anxiety management techniques for you and your child
  • Feel calm and confident in your ability to parent no matter what arises

"My husband and I were desperate for understanding of our son's emotional difficulties in dealing with his ADHD challenges. As most kids in his situation, our son is loving, bright and creative. We feared the damage his emotional outbursts could do not only to our family, but to his own growth and happiness.

Aside from Karen's wealth of knowledge and understanding of the challenges and heartaches associated with ADD/ADHD, she offers a very empathetic ear, and I felt very comfortable talking to her, always, about any subject. Along with help in dealing with our son's problems, Karen offered expert insight into tools to help our marriage and try to heal some of the damage done by our chaotic lives.

Karen was great with our son and modeled some ways for us to better relate to him. She was also great with our younger daughter, who sometimes accompanied our visits. She obviously loves children and cares deeply for each one's well being in all ways. I found Karen had a perfect mix of professional expertise and the understanding we needed.

I have felt blessed to find Karen in our time of need, and look forward to meeting with her again." S. mother of 9 year old


What is included:








Intake/Assessment Session (1.5 hours)
(a $120 value)

Seven Coaching Sessions (50 minutes)
(a $560 value)

Unlimited email contact for questions between sessions
(a $160.00 value)

Phone calls for when a crisis hits and you need advice quick
(a $240.00 value)

Total Package value $1080.00



Pay with a credit card

Full 8 Sessions

4 Session Option

To get started, just give me a call 503-459-2073

If you get voicemail, don’t forget to mention a couple of good times to reach you. Your call is important to me. I will make every attempt to return your call within 48 hours.

Alternatively, fill out the form below and I will call you to discuss your families needs:

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"Please share my experience, it is making my life much less stressful and I am enjoying time with my son instead of nagging on him all the time."
D. mother of 4 year old  

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