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  • Easing Back to School Jitters
  • Self Care: Getting your beauty sleep
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    Easing Back to School Jitters

Last issue I talked about managing transitions. See it
here if you missed it. This issue we are going to talk
about a major transition that
is about to hit every family with school aged children.
(drum roll please!)

Yes, indeed, it's BACK TO SCHOOL time!

That special time of year when kids get excited about new
pencils, peachee folders, and athletic footwear; and
parents look forward to getting back to a regular
schedule again after all that unstructured time to fill
in summer. Of course, that also means wrestling kids out
of bed before they miss the bus, nagging about homework,
and the joyfulness of Back to School Night. All part of
the job, eh?

But what if that excitement about school supplies is
overwhelmed by jitters about all the changes that are
about to happen? This can be magnified even more if your
child will be attending a new school due to recent move.

Here are some tips to make the transition a little easier
for you and your kids:

  • One of the best and easiest ways to ease the
    transition at the beginning of the school year is to
    start talking about school. Talk about the new
    teacher, fun at recess, and any other activities that
    your child enjoys about school.
  • If there were specific problems in school last year,
    you can begin talking to your child about goals for
    the coming year. You can use a behavior chart to get
    off on the right foot. Check out these cute charts
    from Mona Grayson, a former elementary school teacher,
    at She is offering
    some great tips and ideas on how to use them on this
    website as well as in her newsletter.
  • Take your kids to school and let them play on the
    equipment and get excited (especially if it's a new
    school.) Ask their child how many playground rules
    they remember to get their brains back into school
  • Start getting them back on a school sleep schedule the
    week before school, waking up at the time they will
    have to catch the bus. That way their system isn't
    totally shocked come the first day of school. I find
    that having them wake up early will also ease the
    adjustment to an earlier bedtime the next night.
  • Get all their school supplies organized in a backpack.
    (Don't forget to write names on everything--this can
    be a great job for kids to do.)
  • The day before school starts, do some kind of heavy
    physical activity so that even the most nervous child
    will be tired enough to get a good nights sleep.
    Hiking, bicycling, or swimming are great choices to
    wear out those little bodies.
  • The night before the 1st day of school, lay out an
    outfit and find those shoes, make a special lunch (if
    they take cold lunch) and have the backpack ready to
    go. This will help the morning to go more smoothly.
  • A healthy breakfast before school can help to keep
    that little brain absorbing well all morning.

I hope that these ideas will help to ease the transition
from the dog days of summer to the faster pace of back to
school time!

Self Care: Sleep is not a luxury!

When you have too much to do, it is tempting to find that
little bit of extra time by stealing it from your sleep.
After all an hour here and there won't kill you right?

While it won't kill you, being in a state of constant
sleep deprivation does have a negative effect on your
health, your emotional well being, and your
relationships. Lack of sleep can affect your immune
system, increase your stress response, cause weight gain
and even cause more car accidents.


So if you find yourself staying up late at night, it
might be a good idea to figure out why. Are you staying
up late in order to enjoy the peace and quiet? Are you
feeling like you have too much to do every day and can't
get it all done unless you stay up and do it?

Journal Exercise

Go get your journal or just a pad of paper and write at
the top, "Benefits of Not Sleeping." Then begin to write
three or four reasons you give yourself for not allowing
yourself to get enough sleep. Then, write a challenging
argument to each reason. This may require you trying to
imagine what someone else would say.

For example, your reason might be "I have to stay up late
to clean the kitchen." The counter argument might be
"The kitchen can wait until the morning." Or it might be
even more creative like "The kids can help me more in
keeping the kitchen clean." Let your mind roam a bit and
see what solutions you can come up with to allow yourself
more time for sleeping. You might even brainstorm with
your husband, friends or family for more counter

I'd love to hear what you come up with.

Getting enough sleep means you have more patience and
presence with your family as well as yourself.

If you want to sleep, but you can't because of insomnia,
there are some great resources for this problem. The
book, "No More Sleepless Nights," by Peter Hauri and
Shirley Linde is a great place to start. They describe
some proven techniques to help out with this frustrating

Sweet Dreams!

Calm the Chaos Parent Coaching

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