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The Myth of the Perfect Mother

We all know that being the perfect mother is a myth. June Cleaver never had to deal with a child melting down in the grocery store because she refused to buy Coco Roo cereal!

Think back over the last week how many days did you lose your cool, feel embarrassed, or run out of patience due to your child's behavior? These stressful situations take their toll on you emotionally, spiritually and even physically.

Below are some signs of stress. Check off the items that you relate to:

1. You tire easily and often feel completely exhausted.
2. You find yourself eating for emotional reasons or feeling too upset to eat.
3. You either have trouble going to sleep or waking up too early unable to fall back to sleep.
4. You suffer from headaches, back aches or rashes on a regular basis.
5. You don't take pleasure in activities that you used to enjoy.
6. You find yourself comparing your child and yourself to other families and feeling that you come up short.
7. You feel helpless to make a difference, so you avoid conflict with your child.
8. You feel irritable and are more likely to snap at your spouse/partner or your child.
9. You find it difficult to concentrate or find yourself losing things or forgetting appointments.
10. You feel guilty without really knowing why.

If you answered yes to more than four items, you are showing signs of stress and maybe even depression.

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