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This has been a crazy year for our family. My husband and I were sick most of the month of May – not just sniffles that you can continue to do stuff around, but flat out, antibiotics, “How many sick days do I have anyway?” kind of sick. Not fun and even worse, I got waaaaay behind on everything. I still have over 500 unread emails in my inbox! Ugh! So if you did not get a call from me recently when you expected it. Please accept my apologies.

I’m working on getting caught up!  A big part of getting caught up is trying to make sure that the families who would like to attend camp are able to get in. If you are still interested in having your child attend one of our camps, please call me at 503-459-2073 and we can schedule a time to get the registration started. For all the details about our Summer Day Camp Programs please visit the website at:


We have two great weeks planned: July 16 – 20 and Aug 6-10. Check it out and see if your child would benefit.


All the best, Karen


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