Using Humor to Improve Social Skills

By Karen DeBolt | 26th Sep 2011 | Filed under Parenting, Social Skills, Techniques

Rubber chicken

"Uh Oh! Having a Rubber Chicken Moment?"

My son is making weird noises as he is doing his homework—AGAIN. I don’t know about you, but those weird noises kind of make me crazy some days, and especially if I’m doing something I need to concentrate on like paying bills or writing this newsletter. I could yell at him for getting on my last nerve yet again, but yelling doesn’t actually seem to get through to him. By the time I’m done yelling, he can’t even remember what I was yelling about in the first place. Not to mention, he would be too upset to finish his homework!

So what to do?

Use a Rubber Chicken!

During our Whiz Kid Afterschool programs and summer camps, we will use humor to point out those annoying social faux pas rather than getting a kid in trouble. Our kids are in trouble enough as it is—learning is the goal. So we will hand a kid who is rolling on the floor during the lesson a rubber chicken. No really, it’s a rubber chicken! It sounds goofy and truly it is. The rubber chicken is something that the kids know symbolizes making a social mistake and that we all make them. Sometimes a kid will stop and ask for the chicken before me or my staff even say a word! It really works well.

There are so many great ways to use humor to help our kids to learn better behavior. What are some ways that you use humor? Let me know down there in the comments!

Whiz Kids After School Program is Enrolling now

If you have a child who could benefit from social skills training who is between 6-12 years old, check out our website. We are offering groups for boys and girls this year. Its starting October 18th for boys and October 19th for girls. Check it out on the Social Whiz kids website!

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