Happy Holidaze to you and yours

By Karen DeBolt | 13th Dec 2010 | Filed under Family Rituals, Reflections

We celebrate Christmas at our home, and today was the annual going to get the Christmas tree ritual. As in past years, things did not go completely smoothly. You can probably relate!

As some of you know, I work on a crisis line over the weekend on the overnight shift. While I do really love this work, the hours make life very hard sometimes.  My 15 year old also has all kinds of choir practices and 6 performances and my son is also doing play practice and my 17 year old is working part time. Needless to say, finding a time to go get a tree was not easy this year! So I decided that I would just stay up one morning, and we would go.

So I get off work yesterday morning, I’m a bit wound up over something that happened at work so that delays me in getting home. Then my 15 year old is refusing to get out of bed. She is usually my easy kid too! ugh! I lay the guilt trip on strong and thick. It worked! Luckily, my son and other daughter are ready and excited to get started. It’s a Christmas Miracle!

We go to a local farm, Furrow Farms, to pick out and cut our own tree. We walk and walk until we find the perfect enough tree. Everyone gets a vote and it took a while to find the perfect tree. By the time we walk back to the car, I’m dead on my feet! My beloved husband gets the tree tied up on the roof of the car and we take it home.

The tree is  sitting in my living room now smelling lovely and looking gorgeous even without a stitch of ornamentation yet. Hopefully, I won’t have to resort to the guilt trip to get them to decorate it!

Wishing you and yours lovely holiday rituals in whatever way that you celebrate the season.

All the best, Karen

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