A Solution to Sibling Rivalry From Grandma

By Karen DeBolt | 16th May 2008 | Filed under Parenting, Techniques

As many of you know my mother died last month. Her memorial
service was a couple of weeks ago. I think Mom would be
happy to know that we all pretty much enjoyed it. There were
family members I hadn’t seen in ages. I had extra time to
hang out with my brother and his wife. The ladies of
Hillsboro Presbyterian Church went all out with huge
quantities of homemade dishes.

Not to say wasn’t still sad and some parts were hard, but all
in all there were more good times than bad. I even learned
some things that I can pass on to you!

A Solution to Sibling Rivalry from Grandma

I’ve written before on how to deal with Sibling squabbles,
but I got an interesting idea from my Aunt Gladys last
weekend. My mom and Aunt Gladys were three years apart and
my mom has always been the first to say she was spoiled
because she was the only girl with four older brothers
for the first three years of her life. Both Mom and Gladys
say that they were best friends as well as sisters, but that
they also did a lot of fighting.

Apparently, Grandma Mollie got as tired of it as we all do!

Her solution was simple, but effective. She would sit each
girl in a chair facing the other away from other
distractions and tell them they had to sit there until their
differences were worked out. Aunt Gladys reports that the
giggles always over took the anger in time.
Two Chairs
I love this idea. It is a subtle reminder to the children
that they can work out their own problems and also that
their relationship with each other is really important. I
plan to try this out on my own kids next time they get into

I’d love to hear how it works with yours!

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