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Tired of the constant struggle?

You want the very best for your children, but sometimes this can be a huge struggle. You worry that your child will never have close friends, will always be in trouble at school, and that the fighting and arguing at home will never end. You wonder if the meltdowns in the grocery store will ever stop.

You feel helpless to make a difference, and yet you do not give up.

You might take your child to the doctor in hopes of finding an answer. Medications can and do help, but frequently are not the whole answer or worse cause a different set of problems. You may have attempted to start a behavior modification program in the past, but ended up overwhelmed and unable to be consistent.

You receive advice from your own parents, from friends and even from complete strangers in the grocery store, and often feel judged rather than supported.

Still the chaos continues. While that medication may be the latest wonder drug, it cannot resolve the patterns of behavior that are causing the chaos in your home. That behavior modification plan may work well with some kids, but with a kid as bright as yours, the flaws in the system become immediately obvious. Those helpful friends and family members mean well when they try to give you advice, but they don't really know what you go through every day.

This is not your fault.

There is hope!

You can have a happy and more peaceful home.
You can stop the arguing and fighting, and even the melt downs.
You can enjoy your family again.

How do you get started? Well, download a free chapter of my book, "Better behavior without stress." You will also receive more tips and insights from me in my monthly newsletter.

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